1st YIMC

A Vis Mediation in Hong Kong

The National Law University Delhi, by a decision of the majority of the judges, narrowly edged out the National Law School of India University (Bangalore) in the inaugural Young International Mediation Competition held last week in Hong Kong.  The teams, representing computer chip innovator Sexto and its longtime customer Quinto, had run into difficulties following a fire in Sexto’s premises that seriously delayed delivery of the new SuperSexto chip to Quinto. 
After a week of negotiations, the two top-ranking teams met on 8 August with mediator Delcy Lagones de Anglim to attempt to reach a mediated compromise that would respond to both parties’ interests in a final round, that capped a week of mediation training and facilitated negotiations.
The YIMC, the newest project of the Vis East Moot Foundation, is unique in that it begins with mediation training and it includes competitions for both counsel teams and student mediators.   “We’ve seen a substantial upswing in the use of mediation, but still many lawyers regard it with suspicion,” said VEMF director Louise Barrington. “Some lawyers think mediation is only for family and community disputes.  Once they realise how useful mediation can be in finding creative solutions for business disputes, it becomes a realistic alternative to arbitration or court.  With the competition, law students learn early in their careers to master the skills they need to succeed in the mediation process.”
One student was enthusiastic: “Just the first two days of training were worth coming for, and learning the mediation skills has been tremendous fun.”